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Dental implants Northern Ireland

Dental implants Northern Ireland


Dental implants provide a permanent solution for your teeth in our dental implants Northern Ireland clinic in Belfast. We offer a truly life-changing dental implant procedure with positive results from New Life Teeth clinic on Lisburn Road in Belfast. Our team our dedicated to transforming the people of Northern Ireland’s lives with this first-class treatment.

We use zirconia material with the Prettau® Bridge dental implants and manufacture them in our in-house dental lab. This solution is known as the All-on-4® procedure for unbreakable teeth with a fixed solution. We have delivered hundreds of full-arch fixed teeth in Northern Ireland over the past couple of years. New Life Teeth have a good reputation as a trustworthy and a reliable source of dental implants in Northern Ireland.

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Seek Dental Implants Advice

We often meet patients with anxiety and worry about getting dental implants, but the procedure is straight forward and we aim to make our patients fully comfortable throughout. If you live in Northern Ireland and are considering dental implants as a permanent solution, we can accommodate you in Belfast and you are welcome to discuss options over the phone or arrange a complimentary consultation.

Anxiety could be your main concern, but our team’s experience and professionalism can reassure you about the procedure and prove the results are worthwhile. We also offer IV sedation to ensure you have a stress-free journey and feel at ease during the dental implant surgery.

Painless Dental Implants Procedure

Conscious sedation or IV sedation is particularly useful for longer implant procedures. It ensures you are comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment, relieving all your anxieties.

One of the main worries about dental implants is that it could be painful based on what is involved but this is a misconception as the procedure we offer is painless. With IV sedation techniques, you will experience a smooth and comfortable process from initial consultation to after care. Our team is also on hand to provide advice during the healing process and guidance to full recovery. The main consideration should be to think about relieving the psychological stress by getting these dental implants as a long-term objective.

Life-changing Dental Implants Results

There are many reasons why you may be considering dental implants in Northern Ireland. For many of our patients, they desire to eat their favourite foods again, remove failing teeth or replace missing teeth but most of all they just want their smile back. To smile with confidence again and feel comfortable with the way they look is what transforms their quality of life for the better.

When you have one or several missing teeth, this can change your facial features, giving you sunken cheeks, making you look older than your true age. It can also make chewing difficult, affect your speech or make you feel self-conscious about your smile.

Dental implants are a long-term solution to these issues, providing natural looking and strong tooth replacements to give you back your natural smile, facial structure, and chewing and speech abilities.

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Dental Implants Help Avoid Mouth Damage

If you have missing teeth, there is a good chance that you have also lost jaw bone mass from the section where the tooth was located. When that area of the jaw bone is no longer being stimulated by chewing, resorption occurs. This can make it more difficult to fit dental implants later down the line should you decide you want them.

Missing teeth also affects your remaining teeth, as they used to provide structural support. Crooked teeth can also happen because of the remaining teeth attempted to shift and fill the gap. The remaining teeth must do more work in terms of chewing.

To gain all the benefits that dental implants provide and avoid risking further damage to your mouth, get in contact with us to book your complimentary consultation, or alternatively to receive a call back to discuss your needs.

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