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All-On-4 dental implants

Life-changing, confidence-boosting treatment for teeth

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Full-arch replacement at a glance

Teeth-in-a-day explained in 30 seconds

  • Teeth extraction (if necessary), 4 dental implants and an entire arch of teeth are fitted in just one day

  • The All-On-4 technique eliminates the need for bone grafting

  • Zygomatic (cheek) implants can also be used

  • High-quality zirconia Prettau Bridges are fitted for comfort and durability

  • A truly lifelike smile awaits in just one day

All-on-4 dental implant cost

  • Free initial consultation including X-rays

  • From €14,000 - €23,000 for one arch, €28,000 - €36,000 for two arches. 5% discount if payment is paid in full

  • €423 per month for up to 36 months, for one arch. Deposit may be required. Interest rates vary (7.99% - 8.99%)

  • €581 per month for up to 60 months, for two arches. Deposit may be required. Interest rate 8.9%

  • A finance application fee applicable (€10 - €40)

All-On-4 dental implants in Dublin – What does it mean?

The full-arch dental implant procedure often referred to as ‘All-On-4’ ‘teeth in a day’, ‘same day teeth 'orsame day smile’ is a ground-breaking solution that allows patients to have an entire arch of permanently replaced teeth in just one visit.

Instead of the usual 8-10 dental implants required to support an entire arch of teeth, the All-On-4 technique takes just 4-6 implants to support the equivalent arch. Once fitted they won’t move or slide in the mouth like conventional dentures. In other words, they are fully functional (just like natural teeth) and allow you to eat many of the foods you love in comfort and with confidence.

Ultimately, this procedure can make a significant difference to your life.

Why full-arch teeth replacement at New Life Teeth?

Full-arch replacement is the ultimate alternative to dentures while providing the ideal solution for patients whose teeth are missing or failing.

As they don’t require bone grafting, they are even suitable for those who have been told they aren’t eligible for dental implant treatment. Furthermore, the main implant surgery and teeth replacement takes place in one single visit for your convenience.

Here at New Life Teeth in Dublin, we’re experts in full-arch teeth replacement. In fact, we’re one of the leading dental implant centres in the country. We use and recommend the Prettau Bridge as it is the most lifelike, long-lasting and most effective way to replace missing teeth bar none! 

Our teams have undergone extensive training in working with this incredible device and are one of only a handful of dental clinics in the country to offer this type of restoration.

We provide full and free no-obligation consultations to all patients considering All-On-4 dental implants treatment where you get to meet with our clinicians and oral surgeons,  enabling you to see if this procedure is right for you.

Teeth in a day – How?

All-On-4 restorations negate the need for costly and time-consuming bone grafting.

 Because every aspect of your treatment is meticulously planned, the angled placement of each implant at the rear of the jaw means that they can be positioned into areas where the bone is less dense. The remaining implants are placed as normal at the front of the jaw. Once in position, they are immediately ready to support a full-arch restoration.

Ultimately for patients, it means that they won’t need to be seen without teeth, even for a single day.

Although there will be a brief recovery period, patients can use their new teeth as they would their natural teeth soon after. Moreover, even as you wait for the implants to settle, you can still show off your beautiful new confidence-boosting smile.

You are a good candidate for All-On-4 dental implants treatment if…

  • You already wear a full or partial denture

  • You may soon need a denture

  • You want your replacement teeth to stay permanently in position without fear of slippage or movement

  • You are looking to maintain a strong bite and a beautiful smile for many years to come

Find out if you are a good candidate for full-arch replacement by scheduling a free smile consultation with New Life Teeth in Dublin.

We have already helped hundreds of patients achieve their dream smile and we want to help you enjoy the quality of life that you fully deserve. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a full-arch replacement expensive?

Initially maybe, but in the long-term, it represents a truly cost-effective way of maintaining a healthy smile for life. When you consider the cost of replacing individual teeth with like-for-like dental implants or consider that you may have to replace a conventional denture several or more times during your lifetime; All-On-4 treatment represents a great investment in your long-term smile, your quality of life and your overall health.

Now that’s something that you Just can’t put a true value on!

If you are concerned about the initial cost, we provide several 0%, low-interest and no- deposit payment plans that allow you to spread the cost of treatment over several months or years. Why not book yourself a free consultation and we will give you a custom quote based on your exacting needs.

Is full-arch replacement safe at New Life Teeth?

Absolutely. Our clinicians are leaders in the field of full-arch replacement and have performed multiple treatments. We take the utmost care to ensure that all dental implant procedures are meticulously planned using the latest digital and virtual technology. All aspects of treatment including the exact positioning of the implant itself are methodically thought through to ensure the utmost safety of the patient at all times.

Does the All-On-4 dental implants procedure hurt?

Because the majority of the work goes into the planning stages of your treatment, the actual chair-side surgery is relatively quick and straightforward. Typically patients are under a local anaesthetic but we also have at our disposal the latest dental sedation for nervous or anxious patients. Either way, patients should feel little or no discomfort during the short surgical process.

Is my full-arch teeth replacement removable?

No. Once a Prettau Bridge is fitted, it remains permanently attached to your dental implants and therefore part of your mouth, so it won’t move or slip as conventional dentures can. It is designed, however, to be removed by your dentist for maintenance purposes when required.

How do I keep my new teeth clean?

Cleaning is easy. Simply brush and floss just like you would your natural teeth. It is important to clean between your implant bridge and gums once a day and this is best achieved using a water flosser. Either way, our dental teams in Dublin will give you full instructions for aftercare at the time of treatment, so don’t worry, we have you covered.

Why do you recommend the Prettau Bridge?

The Prettau® Bridge is named after the region of Prettau in Northern Italy and was originated by Zirkonzahn, the leader in Zirconia dental technology. www.zirkonzahn.com

At New Life Teeth, we have a complete Zirkonzahn milling centre onsite to design and make these beautiful Prettau bridges. When you look at every other available option in implant dentistry, Prettau has so many advantages. Compared to implant acrylic (plastic) overdentures, or any hybrid acrylic (plastic) implant bridge, this is far superior.

The New Life Teeth team have committed to being one of the leading Prettau® Bridge practices in the UK and Internationally. Clients have always come to us to transform their lives, and with Prettau ® Bridge, we feel we can serve the needs of our full-arch implant clients optimally.

The Prettau® Bridge is the longest-lasting, most effective way to replace your missing teeth, bar none, and we are proud to offer it to patients. The New Life Teeth team have undergone special training by Zirkonzahn, the parent company of Prettau, and are one of only a few qualified practices to deliver this incredible option.