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Dentist for nervous patients in Dublin

Working with you to conquer your fears

Are you scared of the dentist but need dental treatment?

Do you feel ashamed of your smile because you cannot face a dental visit? Are you searching for a dentist for nervous patients but don’t know where to look?

We can help. At New Life Teeth in Dublin, we’re here to help you to take back control of your dental health and give you the treatment you desperately need or want.

We may be dentists but we’re patients too!

Our highly experienced teams of dentists, oral surgeons and dental professionals may have been in the industry for many years but like you, we too are patients.

We relate to the trepidation and dental anxiety you feel before undergoing treatment and have had to overcome many of the same fears that you face.

By using a combination of gentle dental techniques, state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of dental anxiety we will help you overcome your fears, phobias or anxieties surrounding dental treatments. Find out more below about how we do that…

Taking back control of your treatment


Gentle dentistry

Our dentists and dental specialists have been operating at the highest level for many years and between us have over 135 years of experience. We have a reputation for gentle dentistry and our compassionate and caring nature shines through. We take the time to explain treatments in detail so you have a good understanding of exactly what to expect and won’t begin treatment until you are 100% ready. If you want to stop during treatment or the experience is getting too much, you can simply raise your hand and we will wait until you are ready again.


A calming environment

If you are looking for a dentist for nervous patients, the first thing you should notice is a welcoming and calming environment. Our dental centre in Dublin is purpose-built with the patient in mind. It is far removed from the clinical feel that you might expect and are warm, welcoming and relaxing places to be. Moreover, our reception team is friendly and approachable and will put you at ease.


Painless injections

A numbing injection helps you to get the treatment you need in relative comfort but getting the injection you require can be a problem particularly if you are needle-phobic. We can administer painless injections using technology called a dental wand. This is a small lightweight device that resembles a pen. Computer-controlled, it delivers a measured quantity or aesthetic in a pain-free way, negating the need for scary needles. If you do have a fear of needles, ask our New Life Teeth dentists in Dublin about the dental wand.


Dental sedation

For those who prefer something extra to help them relax we also provide a variety of dental sedation options. These include inhalation sedation (happy gas), oral sedation in the form of a pill or mild dental sedation that is taken intravenously. Whatever you choose, dental sedation ensures you have a safe and restful appointment.

New Life Teeth In Dublin – Making you feel comfortable in the dental chair for over 40 years

We have been leading the way in hi-tech gentle dentistry since 1979 and are ready to help you.

If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety and are looking for a dentist for nervous patients, then we urge you to contact us. 

We’ve already transformed the smiles of thousands of patients, many of them nervous or anxious just like you and are ready to assist you in getting the treatment you need or want.

If there is any other way to help you feel comfortable while you are with us then don’t hesitate to let us know. 

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