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Dental technology at New Life Teeth

Investing in the very best!

At New Life Teeth, we invest in only the very best technology that makes treatments more comfortable and generally better for patients.

Whether we are seeing you for a first dental check-up, fitting cosmetic dental veneers or full-arch teeth in a day, you deserve the highest standards of care. This is why we use leading-edge dental technology to assist us in doing exactly that.

Find out more about how our advanced technology has been implemented to streamline workflow, making treatments smoother, faster and more comfortable for patients.

Pain-free dentistry

We have several technologies at our disposal that allow you to receive pain-free dentistry.
They include:


Dental wand

Not too many patients are fans of the needle. Fortunately, modern technology has created the ‘the Wand’ – a small lightweight device that looks like a pen. Computer-controlled, the Wand delivers an even flow of anaesthetic in a virtually painless manner, eliminating the need to inject into one specific area, reducing numbness and doing away with the traditional dental ‘fat lip’.


Conscious sedation

Our dental technology also extends to a deeper level of sedation to help patients relax during treatment. Administered either intravenously, orally or through inhalation (happy gas) patients can have the treatment they need in complete comfort.

Scanning technology

At New Life Teeth, we also utilise various state-of-the-art dental scanners to ensure greater accuracy and comfort during treatments. They include:


Face Hunter scanner

New Life Teeth in Dublin are one of the few practices in the UK to use cutting-edge Face Hunter technology in-house. The Face Hunter allows us to produce photo-realistic 3D digitisation of patients’ faces as part of our free consultation process. 

By using CAD-CAM software we can show you full-colour images of how you will look after treatment – before you’ve committed to anything. This process ensures we can create an accurate, customised zirconia bridge for each patient at the end of their treatment.


Promax 3D x-ray scanning

Our in-house state-of-the-art 3D x-ray equipment has a rapid scan rate that means a patient’s effective exposure time is just 6 seconds. Offering 100% accuracy in high-sensitive scanning of upper and lower jaws, the equipment delivers excellent image resolution. The results allow us to judge if your bone density is suitable for a full arch dental implant. The 3D scan, provided at no extra cost, is an important first step in the implant process.


Trios scanner

The Trios scanner is a wireless intraoral scanner used for fast 3D impression taking and realistic-colour intraoral photographs. Negating the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions the Trios allows patients to have the scans they need with accuracy, clarity and comfort.


Imetric 4D iCam scanner

The iCam 4D is a camera system that captures three-dimensional data by combining structured light and photogrammetric scans. This ensures greater impression accuracy for patients needing multiple implants.

Smile design

To assist our highly skilled and experienced clinicians, we make use of a number of technologies to ensure that you get the exacting smile you really want. These include:


Digital Smile Design

The DSD App works by automatically capturing the patient's aesthetics as we hold the iPad in front of their face. As soon as the DSD App recognises the best position for the smile design, we can present a beautiful, simulated smile in a couple of minutes that we share with you. You can find out more about it here.


True Shade technology

Getting replacement teeth that are the right shade for you is crucial. One major challenge has always been to make that choice as accurate as possible - after all, fluorescent lighting and even the time of day outside can dramatically alter individual perceptions of colour and shade. To overcome this issue we use the latest LED technology to provide consistent diffused light when you choose your new teeth, helping you to select an accurate style, colour and shade match from our extensive teeth libraries.


On-site milling

One of the biggest innovations in dental technology has been our on-site dental labs where we create your lifelike restorations. Using the latest CAD-CAM technology allows us to scan, design and fabricate a replica restoration while you wait.

Safety first

While we are indeed masters at creating beautiful smiles we also take your safety very seriously. For this reason, we use several dental technologies that better ensure your safety when receiving treatment and include:


A dedicated decontamination suite

For your safety and peace of mind, we also have a dedicated decontamination suite. This allows us to thoroughly cleanse and sterilise equipment, ensuring patient safety while adhering to BDA (British Dental Association) guidelines at the highest level.


Sedation monitoring centre

Specialising in modern sedation techniques our New Life Teeth dental teams in Dublin, are equipped with a sedation monitoring suite where we can closely monitor patients throughout their treatment.



In modern odontology, (the scientific study of the structure and diseases of the teeth) the microscope is an essential instrument. Its powerful lens allows us to see things invisible to the naked eye. These include narrow root canal entrances, additional canals, tooth root cracks, changes due to age or calcified canals caused by trauma. Ultimately, it means we can identify and treat problems earlier.


Wi-fi recovery suite

After a procedure, patients can relax in our recovery room with a nurse on hand to keep an eye on their progress. While we prepare your prototype bridge, you will have full access to Wi-Fi and we also provide an iPad, TV and magazines to help you relax in comfort.