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Dental implants Scotland NHS

Dental implants Scotland NHS

Dental implants are available on the NHS in Scotland, if there is a medical need for the treatment. In most cases, dental implant treatment will only be carried out privately, but it is your dentist’s professional opinion to determine whether the treatment is clinically necessary to protect and maintain good oral health. This is the same with orthodontic treatment, such as braces.

NHS Scotland will provide any dental treatment that you need to keep your mouth, teeth, and gums healthy and free of pain, including dentures, crowns and bridges.

NHS dental charges (3 charge bands to consider)

If you suffer from missing teeth or failing teeth and gum problems, then dental implants are a real solution to your dental issues. If you see an NHS dentist, they most likely will discuss implants with you but refer you to a private clinic for treatment. As NHS dental treatment is not likely to cover your costs, it’s important to understand the initial costs and the implants finance options available to you.

Dental implants could turn out to be the biggest investment you have made financially but the long-term benefits are clear for a positive future. Frequent trips to the dentist about your poor teeth will be replaced with occasional hygiene visits without the worry of serious mouth problems later in life.

dental implants scotland nhs


There are many cosmetic dental treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth and make them look more attractive. These are only available privately and not on the NHS, such as teeth whitening, as they are not clinically necessary.

One of the main benefits of using a private clinic are regular detailed examinations and cosmetic dentistry services available such as digital smile design, root canal treatment and orthodontics. A private clinic can also take care of your dental hygiene with regular dental hygienist appointments to counter things like gum disease, mouth cancer with preventative dentistry techniques. Other services like crowns, bridges, white fillings and dentures are easy to arrange, as well as dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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